Mission, Vision & Values

Go therefore and make disciples...


The Branch Church exists to be a loving community that makes passionate disciples of Jesus Christ.


To see churches that are radically committed
to Jesus, transforming lives and communities through the power of the Gospel.

Core Values

Gospel Focus

We believe, embrace and proclaim the Gospel because it is God's plan to save sinners from the punishment of eternal separation from Him and to eternal fellowship with Him.  This glorious Gospel is the power of God for salvation of all who believe in Jesus Christ and empowers those who believe to live transformed lives.

Authentic Discipleship

We seek to have relationships centered on Christ with the purpose of Christian maturity. We will share our lives with one another and grow in love for one another.

Passionate Worship

We are a community that worships in Spirit and truth, freely expressing our love for God together. We seek to give our heart, soul, mind, and strength to glorify the Savior who gave His life for us.

Family Culture

We believe the church is a family, operating as brothers and sisters in Christ. We will love and forgive one another and generously share our lives and resources with one another.

Shared Leadership

We will seek to lead our congregation and ministries through a shared leadership model. We see that the New Testament set an example of a plurality of leaders that mutually depend upon one another in decision making while working together as a team for the sake of the Gospel.

Missionally Engaged

We will be committed to the spreading of the Gospel, making disciples, multiplying churches, and building God’s kingdom both locally and globally. We will use our time, talents, and resources to accomplish these goals.